Pandemic Plan Update - June 9, 2020

The Pandemic Response Plan is scheduled for a vote by the Board of Directors on July 20. After this, we will send out more finalized information and a second, more detailed survey asking families to let us know what their plans are for the first 3 months of school given the tentative plan for opening the school year.

Accompanying the message to staff and families is a DRAFT Pandemic Response Planone-page summary of this planpowerpoint presentation with key points, and a short video presentation explaining the plan and the challenges ahead.

05/20/20 Update from Superintendent Porter regarding end of of year and reopening in the Fall
04/08/20 Letter from Superintendent Porter regarding the rest of the school year 
04/01/20 Update from Superintendent Porter regarding the continued closing of schools 
03/30/20 Important Letter from Superintendent Porter 
03/27/20 Important Letter from Superintendent Porter 
03/26/20 Important Letter from Superintendent Porter 
03/20/20 Superintendent Porter closes all schools through April 24, 2020 
03/16/20Superintendent Porter's video update to staff and families  *click HERE for basic transcript of video
03/16/20  Please read this Important Message regarding MSAD #51 Food Services 
03/14/20 Due to COVID-19 pandemic, Superintendent Porter closes all schools for a minimum of two weeks beginning Monday, March 16 - Friday, March 27
03/13/20 COVID-19 Update from Superintendent Porter 
03/12/20 All Non-Essential District Events Cancelled 

For updated information regarding COVID-19, please consult the Maine CDC website or the US CDC website.

This page has been created to assist families with continuity of learning while schools are closed. Please check back often for updated information.