March 2015 - Achievements & Recognition

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March, 2015 MSAD #51 Achievements & Recognitions

(Part 1- April 6)

The District is proud and eager to celebrate the achievements of its students.  The achievements recognized at this meeting are but a sampling of the great things being accomplished by our students.  For additional achievements please refer to the District’s website.

Today the Board would like to highlight achievements by Greely Middle School students:

Core Values Banner

The 4-8 staff was recently asked to nominate students to include on a new student banner for exhibiting outstanding safe, responsible, and respectful behavior. Over 200 nominations were submitted.  

School administrators reviewed the nominations and selected finalists based on the following criteria:  the number of teachers nominating a student, grade level, gender, and diversity representation within the school population. The following 15 students were chosen:

Abby Irish, Anya Davis, Caleb Croce, Cam Dean, Charlie Saffian, Dani Tebbs, Dylan Hall, Emma Dexter, Ethan Jensen, Georgia Goodman, Matt Kennedy, Nathaniel Dudek, Pablo Burnsteel,  Ruby Skye Maze and Yahya Saleh

Congratulations to each of these students for exemplifying core values each day.  

Math Team

The 5th and 6th Grade Math Teams took part in the third Southern Maine Math League competition.  5th grade participants were Kate Gervais, Mia Raley, Audrey Flynn, Max Cloutier, Anna Rosenthal, and Alex Collins. 6th grade members were Grant Allard, Kendrick Dahme, Leif Harvey, Bridget Lary, and Madison Albert.  The "mathletes" competed against 330 students from 29 other schools. Both teams took 8th place. Congratulations to Kate Gervais (5th grade) and Madison Albert (6th grade) who took 3rd and 2nd place respectively in the individual rounds.

Color Guard

The GMS 4-5 Color Guard recently wrapped up their competitive season at the Maine Band Directors Association Winterguard Finals. The group earned a three star rating, earning them a bronze medal.  This year's show was "Locomotion".  The team is coached by Carrie Begley, assisted by high school students Nicole Morse and Arianna Marquis.

The  6-8 Color Guard also competed that weekend and earned a four star rating, earning them a silver medal.  This year's show was "Pompeii" and featured soloists Ksenia Smart and Mikayla Estes.  The team is coached by Carrie Begley and Annie Davis.

Expanding Your Horizons Conference

Recently a group of 48 young ladies from GMS traveled to the University of Maine, Orono, for a STEM conference directed toward females interested in science, technology, engineering, and math careers. The ladies worked with guides familiar with college life and professional opportunities in STEM. Out of the entire state, Greely had the most girls in attendance from one school!

Rewarding Month for School Music Program

It has been a very busy and rewarding month for our middle school music program. Both Greely Middle School Band and Choral programs held very successful Trimester 2 concerts at the beginning of the month.

Later in the month, the bands performed at the Maine Band Directors' Association Festival and received excellent ratings.  The sixth grade band received a silver rating and the 7th and 8th grade band a gold.

The jazz band recently performed at the State Jazz Festival and placed 1st in Division 1.   This was the first time that Greely received the top award.  Congratulations to the following musicians:

6th graders: Ben Hall, Rylan Harrison, Maria Paquin, Turner Gamache, and Leif Harvey

7th graders: Aaron Howell, Chris Theodores, Tim Ostergaard, Toby Kany, Isabella Caron, Dylan Hall, and Olivia Giandrea

8th graders:  Pablo Bernsteel, Tim Lester, Isaac Moore, Edmund Paquin, Lars Boddie, Cole Moore, Cam Bubblo, Mathew Smith-Erb, Jill Cass, Anna Briley, Nicolas Giandrea, Cam Sarchi, Maddie Perfetti, and Ben Follett

In addition, outstanding individual musicianship awards were given to Edmund Paquin for trombone and drums. The entire 8th grade trombone section received an award as well (Lars Boddie, Cam Bubblo, Cole Moore, and Edmund Paquin).

National History Day

Several GMS students participated in the Maine State National History Day competition which was held Saturday, March 28 at UMO. The theme this year was Leadership & Legacy. Ashton Maze won first place for his Junior Individual Exhibit on Rosie the Riveter. Madison (Maddie) Albert won second place for her Junior Individual Exhibit on Prudence Crandall.  They will both be moving on to represent the state of Maine and Greely Middle School in Washington D.C to compete in the national competition in June.

Team Doubletop Honors

The following Team Doubletop students were honored during the months of February and March as students of the week for consistently exhibiting respectful, responsible, and safe behavior in school.

Anna Briley and Nick Hughes 2/9 - 2/12

Courtney Rog and Pablo Burnsteel 3/2-3/6

Kolby Cornwall and Julia Curran 3/9-3/13

Kira Shepard and Aidan Michaud 3/16-3/20

Madison Weatherbee and Jack Gustafson 3/23-3/27    

Drama Club’s Spring Performance

The Drama Club shared their substantial talents in their spring production of Sleep Trudy under the able direction of Jean West.  They performed for evening audiences as well as the entire 4-8 student body.  Congratulations to the cast and crew!

Finn Dierks-Brown Olivia Giandrea Camilla Lattanzi

Abby Briley Bella Griswold Stephanie Bruder

Ashton Hutchins Gavin Hines Ciel Antoine

Juslyn Theriault Eliza Ingersoll               Parker Stair  

Isabella Caron Nate Jacob                   Lindsey Lefevre

Anna Barry Isabelle Boisvert           Gaby Bernal

Kate Ramseyer Gwen Jackson              Lily Hayden-Hunt  

Audrey Hankinson Caroline Rose               Gabi Mitchell-Labrie

Jane Way Ryah Lempert               Logan Cieniawski  

Samantha Bright Hannah Kropp               Anna Raley

Lizzy Hanson Olivia Labaree               Marshall Ray                

Leah Moss Sara Santerre                Bridie Frost           

Sophie Gustafson

March, 2015 MSAD #51 Achievements & Recognitions

(Part 2- April 9)

The achievements recognized at this meeting are but a sampling of the great things being accomplished by our students.  For additional achievements please refer to the District’s website.

Today the Board would like to highlight achievements by Greely High School students:

Ford Automotive Challenge

Alex Jennings placed 1st in the Ford Automotive Challenge and is off to the State AAA competition.  Good luck, Alex!

Drama Club’s Spring Performance

The Drama Club presented its spring production, While the Lights Were Out, a murder mystery.  The performances were outstanding.  Congratulations to the cast and crew as well as director, Audrey Northway.


Harry Pershing, Tess Hall, Evan Carrell, Eric McKeone, Allie Swaney, Sophie McMonagle, Julia Ramseyer, Cam Dehais, Malik Black, Mika Gallati, Brie Nicolaou, Nate Medrano, Evan Hill, Jackie Floyd, Lexy Rose


Lighting: Nick Fortin, Claire Nicholson, Brooke Lawrence

Sound: Ben Ray, Charlie Guild, Becc Israel, Abby Washo

Stage Managers: Stephanie Weeman, Kaitlyn Megathlin, Nik Kurlanski

Set Construction: Ben Ray, Ben Gove, Andrea Bryant, Kevin Cass, Andrew Sacco,

Connor Rog, Nathaniel Harrington, Sam Lane

Set Painting: Emma Mason, Siana Emery, Dinara Yessimova, Katy Price, Ryan Morrison

Costumes: Katie Wood,Hannah Rose, Abby Israel, Annabelle Hamer, Becca Hamlin, Clarissa Campo, Nora Harrison

Cast Bios: Libby George, Meg Currie, Evan Hill, Emily Braley

Makeup-Hair: Sammy Kurlanski, Stephanie Johnson, Abby Osgood, Sam Pynchon, Tara Ford, Jennifer Kern

Photography: Lydia Dahlgren, Libby George

Program Design: Kaitlyn Megathlin,Tristan Scilipoti

Props: Sam Bonnevie

Art Work/Poster: Tristan Scilipoti

Canvas Paintings: Maura Perry, Lucy Brown

UNUM’s Annual Tech Night

For the first time, 14 students attended UNUM’s Annual Tech Night.  Students were able to attend a mini career fair where UNUM employee's had displays and many interactive programs showing students how technology was utilized in their job/business area.  Students could ask questions, participate in demonstrations, use technology and in general see first hand how they could translate an interest in technology into a career. Students also had the opportunity to visit several colleges who had tables set up, had dinner, and then spent the majority of their time in hands on activities that were directed by UNUM employees

The Board would like to acknowledge Ashley Caswell, Community Relations and Development Manager, for making this opportunity available to our students. This is a great example of the District partnering with the community.

Jazz Band

The Jazz Band played at the Lions Club Cabin Fever dinner to support Greely student scholarships.

Greely’s Own Good Samaritan Shovelers Help Local Residents

This winter, some residents of the Rockwood Condo Association in Cumberland Foreside, found it difficult to keep up with snow removal.  Carol Grover, the president of the condo association and a former teacher, offered the creative suggestion of approaching high school students to help with the snow removal. Samantha Kennedy, president of the Community Service Club responded to the call for help and recruited a helpful team of fellow students, who spent many hours of strenuous work to aid the Rockwood residents. The residents enjoyed having the students around and the students had a rewarding experience.  

Community Service Club members who participated were:  Audrey Mann, Alex Tebbs, Sam Kennedy, Emily Buchanan, Erin Molloy, Alex Kemna, Zöe Fluet, and Erin Campbell

State Science Fair

Nearly one hundred students from eleven different Maine high schools presented the results of their original research at the Maine State Science Fair. Greely was well represented by the following:

Gregory Pershing, Jared Merrifield, Kathryn Abel, Lillian Black, Ethan Brouder, Michael Geary, Alexander Gerencer, Caroline Isasi, Jackson Libby, Gretchen Manley, Ella Novick, Trevor Rafford, Madison Rawnsley, Bridget Roberts, Safa Saleh, Megan Shibles, Jennifer Spencer, Griffin Weston, Meagan Curry, Declan Campbell, Kyle Hansen, and Maggie Nolan

Special Award and Category winners from GHS were:

Special Awards:

American Psychology Association -  Safa Saleh

NOAA  - recognizing research with a global impact -  Kyle Hansen

Naval Research award for overall research excellence - Meagan Currie

Category awards:

Biology, Biochemistry, & Medical Sciences - Second Place - Meagan Currie

Chemistry and Mathematics  - First Place -- Maggie Nolan

Computer Science - Third Place --  Ben Sinclair

Earth Science, Physics & Astronomy - First Place - Jared Merrifield

Environmental Science - Third Place -- Lillian Black

Microbiology - First Place -- Griffin Weston


The Western Maine Class B Coaches Associations named senior goaltender Kyle Kramlich the Evan Spear Award winner as the most outstanding player in Western Class B as well as the Goaltender of the Year.  Kyle was also just named Greely’s Male Winter Athlete by The Forecaster.  

Nettie Cunningham, a freshmen, won the 2015 Class A Giant Slalom State Championship with a time that was five seconds faster than her nearest competitor.

Ashley Storey was named Miss Basketball by the Maine Association of Basketball Coaches.  The award is given to the top senior girls basketball player.  Ashley was also just named Greely’s Female Winter Athlete by The Forecaster.