May 2014 Achievements & Recognition

posted May 6, 2014, 10:01 AM by Susan Conley

May 2014 MSAD #51 Achievements and Recognition

Greely High School

Congratulations to the PATHS Career and Technical Education student of the year, Isaiah Merrill.  Isaiah is currently a second year carpentry student here at PATHS.  He is at the top of his class for his work ethic, which has fostered considerable knowledge and skills as a carpenter.  Isaiah has completed nearly three years of curriculum in just two years.  Furthermore at the completion of the school year Isaiah will receive up to seven advanced college credits from Eastern Maine Community College and three certifications in carpentry.

Congratulations to Tess Hall and Sierra Moore members of the class of 2015 for their induction into the Foreign language National Honor Society (due to our error, their names were omitted from the original list distributed.)

Jade Morlock was selected to attend a three-day studio-based workshop at Haystack Mountain School of Crafts in Deer Isle.  She is one of 72 Maine students that will work intensively for the three days in one craft and study with Maine craftspeople.

Haystack school info:

A group of seniors who were recipients of scholarships from the Lion's Club this year were honored at a banquet recently.  Congratulations to those students honored:  Michael Sacco, Eliza McKenney, Jill Booth, Kaija Petrone, Caitlyn Croce, and Sam Parkinson.  

Update from the Cumberland Food Pantry:  “We had over 5000 pieces of boxes, bags and cans weighing 3000 lbs + that got marked and re- packed today ready for inventory. Mr. Kelvin Hasch's class did all this in 20 minutes - a Pantry record! The kids were great and I can't thank you enough for their help today and caring hearts - Great to work with kids that are compassionate about their community!”

Bill Shane, Town of Cumberland Manager

Greely Middle School

With our continued work with the Anti-Defamation League World of Difference Peer Training Program on Tuesday, April 29  Phil Fogelman from Boston came to work with our Peer Trainers, Health teacher, and School Counselors during the day at the Cumberland Town Hall.  The student leaders are gearing up to teach once again in 6th grade Health classes.

​A special thank you goes out to Clarissa Campo, Sydney Gilbert, and Natalie Giroux for speaking at the community Anti-Defamation League's Parent night at the High School held the same evening.  They did a wonderful job sharing their experiences as ADL Peer Trainers and also led an activity.

On May 1, GMS hosted the district-wide band concert.  It was wonderful to see how our students grow over time in their playing abilities.  The highlight of the evening was when all of the band students in grades 5-12 collaborated on the final piece of the night, “Junkyard Jam”.  Parents who play instruments also joined the ensemble.  It was a great show of community, collaboration, and creativity.  Thank you to Sarah Cummings, Scott Thurston, and Kevin Rollins for working together to create such a fun event to showcase our students’ progress in the arts.

Several students deserve recognition for their achievements at the National History Day competition on Saturday, April 12.  This year is the first in which Greely Middle School students participated in this excellent program under the guidance of GT teacher Barbara Dichter with additional support from our K-5 GT teacher, Kathi Kearney.  The students have worked most of this school year researching and preparing for the event, which was held at UMaine Orono.  To say our students did well is an understatement -- every GMS participant was recognized in the competition. The results are listed below:

•  Tim Kendall 3rd place Website: Equal Rights For Students - How The Supreme

  Court's Decisions Have Changed

•  Chloe Waldrep 2nd place Paper: Disney Princesses Portray The Evolution of

   Women's Rights

•  Lily Black, Claire Davis, Izzy Evans 1st place Performance: Women's Fight For The

   Right To Vote In Maine - Both Sides Of The Story

Congratulations to Scotty Wentzell, Charlie Saffian and Sydney Pitts in their participation of the Cumberland County Special Olympics Track and Field event on Friday May 2.

North Yarmouth Memorial School

Thanks to the Arts Alliance, students and staff at NYMS enjoyed an afternoon of Contra Dance just before vacation.  Music was provided by a live band and the “caller” guided participants through learning the steps of couple different dances.  There was great energy and enjoyment throughout the afternoon!  It was a great way to get some exercise and socialize!

Mabel I Wilson School

Just prior to break, we celebrated a World Cultures day at MIW by having all students learning about Brazil.  Linda Collins and Rachael Whitmarsh were instrumental in the success of this event.  They worked with a group of parents and teachers to plan lessons, design schedules, create decorations, gather supplies, recruit volunteers,... (just to mention a few of the tasks).  The students traveled to seven different lessons during the day learning about the geographic area, culture, language, dances, food, games, and literature.  The entire school community was engaged in the day long, school-wide celebration.  Thank you to everyone who helped to plan and volunteered their time.

Finally, in recognition of Teacher Appreciation Week,  thanks to all of the staff members in our District for everything they do each day to contribute to the growth of our students, and thank you to the Greely PTO for their efforts in organizing this important week.