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Finance Committee Chair budget letter to residents of Cumberland & North Yarmouth

posted Mar 21, 2014, 11:26 AM by Susan Conley
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Maine School Administrative District #51

Cumberland ~ North Yarmouth


March 21, 2014

Dear MSAD#51 Community Members:

As spring finally approaches after a challenging winter, our community is entering into the public involvement phase of the annual school budgeting process.  I would like to take this opportunity to offer information on the budget process to date, and inform you of some important dates.

Over the past several months, the finance committee of the MSAD #51 Board has examined financial data for the district in detail to ensure that we are steadfast in our search for efficiencies, that we are prepared for rising fuel, electricity and healthcare costs, and that we offer the necessary resources to ensure that all of our students are prepared for life after school --particularly in anticipation of the implementation of Proficiency Based diploma requirements.  

As part of the process, members of the committee have reviewed a prioritized list of unmet educational needs identified by school administrators.  The initial list of 25 proposals submitted subsequently has been reduced to ten additions that represent the highest administrative priorities with the strongest impact on teaching and learning.  At the March 17th Board meeting Interim Superintendent Sally Loughlin proposed a budget of $32,576,890.65 for 2014-2015 that incorporates those initiatives, anticipates rising energy and insurance costs, and accounts for estimated cost of living increases for salaries.  This budget reflects an overall increase of $1,318,807.  It is important to note that at this stage of the fiscal year many of the figures entered in the budget are estimates (such as health care costs) and are subject to change once we receive the appropriate data.  

In the coming weeks the MSAD #51 Board will review the proposed budget and make adjustments as it deems necessary, starting with a workshop this Saturday.  Below please find a schedule of upcoming events that pertain to the adoption of the budget for this year.  

Saturday, March 22nd 9am, Board Workshop on Budget, GHS Library

Monday, March 24th 7pm, Board & Administrators Budget Meeting, GHS Library

Monday, April 7th, Board Approval of Budget for Public Hearing, GHS Library

Thursday, April 10th, Public Hearing on Proposed Budget, GHS Library

Monday, May 5th, Board Approval of Budget for Public Vote, GHS Library

Thursday, June 5th, District Budget Vote, GHS Gym

Tuesday, June 10th, District Budget Validation, Polling Locations in Cumb. and NY

We hope that you will stay engaged in the process as we strive to develop a budget which provides essential educational opportunities for our students, while maintaining a reasonable tax increase to community members.


Gigi Sanchez

MSAD #51 Finance Chair