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MSAD #51 - Welcome to the 2016-2017 school year letter from Jeff Porter, Superintendent of Schools

posted Aug 25, 2016, 2:37 PM by Susan Conley
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August 25, 2016

Dear MSAD #51 Community,

I hope your summer has been relaxing and that the new school year brings its promise for new beginnings to each student and family in our school community.

The 2016-17 school year is fast-approaching.  With it comes the excitement of those first school days, new classes and friends, welcome-back assemblies, shiny hallways, sun-filled late

afternoon practices on the fields, open houses, games under the lights, and the optimism of a new year.

As we welcome our 2,000 students back, please be reminded of the changes in school start and end times:


Current School Day

2016-17 School Day

2016-17 Wed. Early Release

Greely High School

7:30 AM-2:12 PM

8:00 AM-2:30 PM

8:00 AM-1:30 PM

Greely Middle School 6-8

7:33 AM-2:15 PM

8:00 AM-2:33 PM

8:00 AM-1:33 PM

Greely Middle School 4-5

8:30 AM-3:00 PM

8:45 AM-3:15 PM

8:45 AM-12:30 PM

Mabel I. Wilson School

8:30 AM-3:00 PM

8:45 AM-3:15 PM

8:45 AM-12:30 PM

It’s been a long time since Dwight D. Eisenhower resided at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, D.C.  

In those days, a student in most any American school would be told that they could choose one career that would serve them well for life.  Careers could be found in nearly any sector of

society with varying degrees of educational attainment.  Good paying jobs in agriculture and manufacturing, with or without a high school education, were available to those who wanted


In 1956, the world was largely built on predictable patterns and did not presume a world of unknowns.  In short, the “American dream” was within reach of anyone who wanted it and

education was not a requirement for this dream to come true.

Fast forward to 2016.  The average student today can look forward to changing jobs and careers at least 7-10 times during their lifetime.  Gone are the days when a career spanned a

lifetime.  Virtually every job in every sector of employment requires some level of formal education, and many now require some form of post-secondary education.  Gone are the days

when a high school education was good enough.  It is now a necessity.  Finding good paying jobs in agriculture and manufacturing is rare.  The truth is that today’s students must prepare

for jobs that have not even been invented yet.  

In 1956, change was considered an anomaly.  Today, change is the new normal.  Today’s young person must presume that a world of rapid change will greet them at the threshold of

college and career.  More than ever before, our students will need a versatile and practical set of skills that prepares them for the brave new world of 21st Century living and success.

Consider this question:  What experiences, skills, and dispositions does your child need today to be successful tomorrow?  

Fortunately, MSAD #51 has a Strategic Plan that guides our district on this important question using these broad and powerful goals:

Goal 1:  Engage. Empower. Inspire.

Goal 2:  Every Student, Every Classroom, Every Day

Goal 3:  Investment in our Team

Goal 4:  Community Partnerships

Within this plan are the ingredients for student success in a changing world, with an emphasis on educating clear and effective communicators; self-directed and life-long learners;

creative and practical problem-solvers; responsible and involved citizens; and integrative and informed thinkers.

To learn more about the district’s Strategic Plan, visit www.msad51.org.

Before I close, I would like to welcome all of our new families to the district, with a special welcome to our incoming Class of 2029, our new kindergarteners.  My very best to all of our

students, families, and staff for a great beginning to 2016-17!


Jeffrey Porter

Superintendent of Schools

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