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Primary School Building Project

The MSAD #51 Board of Directors voted unanimously to move ahead with plans for a new primary school to be located in North Yarmouth.  At this point, the grade configuration would be PreK-Grade 2 (with a limited Pre-K program), though this grade span could change at the Board's discretion.  This means that a building committee will begin work on developing a concept design to be submitted to the Board in June 2020.  If accepted by the Board, a referendum would be held in November 2020 for the new school project.  If approved by voters, the new school could open as early as August 2022. (December 2, 2019)
                                            DISCLAIMER: The timeline for this project timeline is going to be reworked due to COVID-19


MSAD #51 Administration

    Sally Loughlin/Cory Munsey
    Jeff Porter
    Scott Poulin

MSAD #51 Staff

    Lauryn Entwistle
    Steve Berry
Kathryn Begos
MSAD #51 Facilities Committee (Board of Directors)
    Kevin Desmond
    Tyler McGinley
    Peter Bingham
    Kate Perrin, Ex Officio


    Tom McGuinness, North Yarmouth
    Amy Bruning, Cumberland
Community Members
    Mike Brown, Cumberland
    Steve Morrison, North Yarmouth
Tara Williams
Oak Point Associates
    Rob Tillotson
    Tyler Barter