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Athletic Advisory Board

Committee Members
Eliza Miller, Chair, enm@maine.rr.com
David Shapiro, Athletic Director

Brian Bickford, Community Recreation Director, Golf Coach
Andrew Black, Community Member
Rye Daily, Tennis Coach, Physical Education Teacher
Kevin Desmond, School Board
Heather Geoghan, Assistant Athletic Director, Physical Education Teacher
Rob Hale, Aquatics Director, Swimming & Softball Coach
Rebecca Koelker, Lacrosse Coach
Craig Kroot, Community Member
Mary McDonald, Community Member
Gigi Sanchez, School Board, ex officio
Derek Soule, Baseball Coach

Jerod Gardner; Soccer, Basketball, Baseball
Ellie Holt; Soccer, Lacrosse
Quinn Molloy; Soccer, Ice Hockey
Bridget Roberts: Soccer, Ice Hockey, Ultimate
Aiden Smith; Soccer, Baseball
Jackson Williams; Football, Ice Hockey, Lacrosse

The purpose of the Athletic Advisory Board is to oversee and identify best practices in coaching, student leadership, lifelong fitness and athletic participation. The Athletic Advisory Board will facilitate communication with booster groups and pursue financial support for athletics within and outside of the district.

The Athletic Advisory Board will review District athletic policies, set guidelines, and promote vehicles for communication and feedback within the Greely community. The Athletic Advisory Board will also assess growth and sustainability of athletic programming, and, as necessary, will make recommendations to the Athletic Director and District administration.