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Curriculum Committee

Committee Members
Vickie Bell (Co-Chair)
Karen Campbell (Co-Chair)
Tyler McGinley
Sally Loughlin, District Administration

To Be Announced


The purpose of the Curriculum Committee is to :
  1. Recommend to the School Board all substantial changes in academic practice or policy as established by board-level policy and past practice.

  2. Approve major changes in academic practice, including but not limited to:
    1. New academic programs;
    2. Elimination of academic programs;
    3. Shift in programming philosophy.

  3. Monitor and evaluate district and school-level academic goals through the Strategic Planning and Site-level Improvement Planning (SLIP) process.

  4. Schedule and hear presentations from various staff groups regarding pertinent academic issues and changes.
Our committee will be a voting committee, similar to Finance, in that we will make decisions about whether or not to recommend programs, practices and policies.

Our first assignment will be to approve each subject’s graduation standards, based on presentations and information presented at different meetings this spring. As you probably know, each department at GHS has been working to align their courses and requirements with Maine’s Learning Standards. Great Schools Partnership has been providing feedback throughout the process. On the dates listed below, departments will use Proficiency Based Diploma meetings to share their designed graduation standards. Our job will be to evaluate (and vote) on whether or not the plans adequately reflect the depth and breadth of Maine’s standards, and in a case where standards might not be incorporated, the departments can provide a strong rationale for why they haven’t been.