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Curriculum Committee


To be determined

Committee Members
Tyler McGinley, Chair
Margo Harrington
Mike Simmons
Sally Loughlin


The purpose of the Curriculum Committee is to :
  1. Recommend to the School Board all substantial changes in academic practice or policy as established by board-level policy and past practice.

  2. Approve major changes in academic practice, including but not limited to:
    1. New academic programs;
    2. Elimination of academic programs;
    3. Shift in programming philosophy.

  3. Monitor and evaluate district and school-level academic goals through the Strategic Planning and Site-level Improvement Planning (SLIP) process.

  4. Schedule and hear presentations from various staff groups regarding pertinent academic issues and changes.
Our committee will be a voting committee, similar to Finance, in that we will make decisions about whether or not to recommend programs, practices and policies.