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Spotlight - December 2013

posted Dec 6, 2013, 11:42 AM by Susan Conley   [ updated Feb 2, 2015, 5:14 AM by Dawna Green ]

A Homecoming to GMS for Mrs. Trebilcock

 To some people, Mar-E Trebilcock is the former Assistant Principal at Greely High School.  To others she is the former Dean of Students for MSAD#51, and to others still she is a Math & Science at GMS, having taught there for 8 years. Mar-E feels at home in her latest role as Principal of Greely Middle School. For Mar-E, the new job has returned her to an environment that “feels right” and “fits” and is just where she belongs.

Mar-E Trebilcock, GMS Principal    

Mar-E accepted the role of Principal at GHS, replacing Kim Brandt who held the position for 8 years and then accepted an Assistant Superintendent position for RSU 16.  Mar-E is currently immersed in all of the in’s and out’s of her new role including never before seen changes at GMS.  Presently the school is under construction, to create the new space for the 4th & 5th graders currently at NYMS.  Mar-E looks forward to welcoming NYMS Principal Carol MacArthur and her staff and teachers next year.  Mar-E’s eyes are open to the special differences of the two communities of students -- but she is confident that by engaging the experience, communication and collective strategies of the GMS and NYMS staffs we will create a welcoming, safe and enriching learning environment for all of the students in grades 4 - 8. 

Mar-E’s background is Middle Level Education, and though she feels home, she will miss the experience of watching her high school students at graduation.  At GHS she helped to implement Senior Projects, and watching the students graduate, especially those once considered at-risk, is a memory that makes her smile and will stay with her forever.

In her spare time, Mar-E -- whose distinctive name is a product of her mother’s creativity and is short for Margaret Elizabeth -- enjoys running and hiking, and loves spending time with her husband and two daughters at their family camp in Norway.   

Meet the new Assistant Principal at GHS, Jayme Jones

With Mar-E Trebilcock’s transition to GMS, Greely High School recruited a new Assistant Principal.  The District and the GHS community were pleased to welcome a highly-qualified and dedicated educator, Jayme Jones, who joins us from Raymond, NH.

Jayme completed her undergraduate studies in English at University of Maine Farmington and earned her Masters at Virginia Commonwealth University.  She started out teaching High School English to at-risk students and eventually discovered her true passion of Administration.  She has been in education for 13 years and hopes to one day open her own High School for at-risk youth.

 Jayme has had three months to settle in at GHS and she is delighted to be here.  An avid music fan, Jayme loves going to concerts and singing karaoke, though she admits she’s not very good at it!  She has, however, played clarinet very well for 25 years and has a son in college at her alma mater.