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Equity & Inclusion

Shared Definition of Equity: Equity is a dynamic system that addresses past and present inequalities and constantly evaluates conditions to ensure that all people have unhindered access to the resources and opportunities that enable them to thrive.

Mission Statement

The Equity and Inclusion Leadership Steering Committee promotes continuous learning, skill building, and dialogue in MSAD #51 to create an anti-racist, inclusive community.

Committee Members

Nick Whiston, Parent Representative, Co-Chair

Tyler McGinley, Parent Representative & Board Member, Co-Chair

Ann Maksymowicz, Parent Representative & Board Member

Jeff Porter, Superintendent of Schools

Kaiyla Delisle, GHS Student Representative

Cassie Ward, GHS Student Representative

Riley Perkins, GMS 6-8 Student Representative

Mar-E Trebilcock, Principal GMS 6-8

Chris Hoffman, Principal GHS

Katie Campbell, Social Worker, GMS 4-5 Representative

Mia Sargent, 1st Grade Teacher, MIW Representative

Bobbi Goodwin, School Counselor, GMS 6-8 Representative

Kim MacDonald, Modern Language Teacher, GHS Representative

Kevan Lee Decklemann, Parent Representative

Ken Lanik, Parent Representative