MSAD #51 Transportation
Phil Blake, Transportation Director
Rachel Swendsen, Assistant Transportation Director

23 Drowne Rd.
Cumberland, Maine 04021
(207) 829-4820

Bus Schedule
The 2021-2022 Bus Schedules will be available mid to late August.

GPS system bus schedule

Click here for the GPS Bus Stop Schedule
Instructions for GPS System:
  • Type Street and Town in 'Street' field
  • Type zip code
  • Leave school and grade blank so it will give you all choices
  • If there are several matches, it will display address matches. Click on your address. If there is only one address, click on bus stop tab.
  • 'My School' tab will display start time and end time of each school

Print version of the bus schedule

(staff only, login to MSAD Google account required)
(transportation staff use only)